8 Steps to sewing machine harmony

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Donna King


Sewing machines can be one of THE most frustrating things if not understood correctly, all they needs is a little understanding and they will become your best friend and not the object that you want to sling out the window!

If you fell into the trap and thought, “How hard can it be? I’ll be running up wedding dresses in no time”, only to be faced with a machine that constantly snarls up then………

STOP and consider the following tips:

1-             Is the raw edge of your fabric over the feeder dogs? If so the raw edge of the fabric will be getting caught up- Simply increase the seam until they edge is no longer over the feeder dogs.

2-             Re-thread the machine. Sounds simple but 90% of the time (in my opinion) this is the problem. Machines like to be threaded correctly so consult your instruction guide.

3-             Check for stray cotton in the bobbin case. Take it out- YES take the bobbin case out and check.

4-             Do you have the correct needle? Needles come in various shapes and sizes, ensure it is suitable for the fabric.

5-             Are you using cheap thread? Total false economy- causes no end of problems. Coates Moon thread is both reasonably priced and shouldn’t cause you and further issues.

6-             Check tension– bottom first then top.

7-             Is the needle inserted correctly? If they needle isn’t pushed all the way to the top then you may start to miss stitches.

8-             Change the needle. Blunt or bent needles cause major issues.

As a rule if the problem is on the top thread (as you see it on the fabric) then the issue is with the bottom thread on the machine and vice versa.

If you’re still having problems find your nearest machine repairer…..quick!

Donna xx

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