Bradford To Italy & Back…..

Donna King

Not only a tutorial but an extra easy upcycle!

This is for all of you who tell me, “Sewing? Me? I can’t even sew a button on…”

Well now you can heheheh.

Whilst on holiday in Italy I stumbled across one of my favourite thinks……a salvage/secondhand store. Much to the dismay of my husband and step-kids 😉

I had to go in for a browse and found this fabulous 100% wool coat just perfect for the winter. Yes I know it was 28 degrees outside the store as my family kept reminding me BUT i cant resist a bargain and it was only 15 euro so around £12!

The buttons didn’t look like they belonged and to be honest had seen better days but I had a plan. In my haste I forgot to take a full before pic please forgive me 🙂

2014-09-15 13.48.13 2014-09-15 13.48.00

I even had to wear the coat in the airport as I didn’t have space in my luggage LOL

I was a woman with a plan and remembered that 35-40 years my Dad was bus conductor in Bradford and somehow I had his uniform buttons in my button box! They are fabulous with the City of Bradford coat of arms and go perfectly with the coat making it look military chic and less charity shop.

2014-09-15 14.00.53

I love the end result and where else can you get a pure wool Italian designer military winter coat, personalised to you for £12 I ask you?

2014-09-15 14.39.35

So now for the tutorial

The hardest part is making sure the new buttons go back in the same place as the old, so once you have threaded your needle, before you remove the old buttons put the needle through the coat fabric at the point the old button is attached.

2014-09-15 14.29.47

Pull the thread through but not all the way through leave about 1 cm . Now attached the thread to ensure the buttons don’t fall off- bring the needle back to the right-hand side where you originally went in and pull through again. Repeat the process about 3 times. Now we can remove the old button.

Step 1- Take the new button and take the needle through the hole left to right, bringing the needle all the way through.

2014-09-15 14.12.43

Step 1

Step 2- Take the needle into the coat fabric at the same place as before on the right taking through to the left- repeat as many times as you need until the button feels secure. Then we need to secure the thread so that it can’t undo it’s self- to do this you make 3 small stitches into the fabric as you did to start the process.

2014-09-15 14.14.08

Step 2

Italy meets Braford

Finally cold enough here to wear it xx

See easy peasy- Enjoy your unpcyling peeps and remember to share the pics.



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