Busy Busy Busy…and loving it!

Donna King

Where on earth did the last few years go???

Today I’ve had a chance to sit down and have a look at what I’ve been able to achieve and to be honest I’m a little bit proud 🙂 🙂

The last time we discussed the business I had just taken on a room full-time and lauched the website!


I now have 3 rooms and a revamped the website.
I teach 3 evenings a week to a set of fabulous people.
My Parent and Child class is a great class to get families talking and learning together.
I offer a drop in on Mondays for those able to attend during the day.
Sew Social’s once a month are becoming an event to look forward to

phew 🙂

My hopes to start a Social Enterprise is coming to a head and will be my focus over the next 12 months…..I’m already teaching a SEN secondary school and a local primary school. Its fantastic seeing them achieve in areas they had no idea that they could.

I’ve recently set up a Men’s Group to support men who are isolated and or struggling with mental heath problems. The idea is for them to epicycle furniture for sale in order to become  self-funding group that can offer support, experience and be positive role models for the young people
The big focus is on mental health and mindfulness, something they seem to miss in the education system 🙁
I’m hoping to provide some support to young people and adults by getting them engaged in craft of all sorts.

Exciting times ahead.

Wish me luck

Promise I won’t leave it so long next time.

Donna xx

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