Easy Cushion Cover with a ZIP!!!!!!!

Donna King

This is actually my Mother’s Day gift………..and no I’m not early!!!

2014-11-24 16.03.10

2014-11-24 16.02.57

The fabric cost £4 per meter and I made 2 cushions from 1 m!

You will need:

  • 1/2 m of fabric (per cushion)
  • Thread
  • Closed end Zip– At least  the length of your pillow too long is fine.
  • Cushion pad
  • Pins– Can’t have enough pins…..
  • Zipper foot


Measure your cushion. At this point don’t worry about the bulk of the cushion just measure down each edge. This one measured 43cm.

We need to add 3cm to each edge for a seam allowances. So cut out 1 square of fabric 46cm x 46cm (adjust for you cushion pad) this will be the front so if your fabric has a design you want remember to consider this when cutting.


Now for the back.

We need 2 pieces of fabric for this, so it makes sense to to firstly think about the front split in half making 46cm x 23cm.

Considering each piece at a time, to the first one we need to add 1.5cm seam allowance to be able to add the zip so this will be 46cm x 24.5cm.

As you can see from the pic the zip is covers by fabric, in order to do this add 10cm to second piece and a 1.5cm seam allowance for the zip making 46cm x 34.5cm.

Hope that makes sense!!! I thought it would be good to explain how I got to the dimensions.


To recap- For a cushion measuring 43cm x 43cm you need fabric cut to the following dimensions

1- 46cm x 46cm

2- 46cm x 24.5cm

3- 46cm x 34.5cm

2014-11-24 15.24.22

1- 46cm x 46cm 2- 46cm x 24.5cm 3- 46cm x 34.5cm


Phew! Now that’s done we can get to the sewing.

Take piece 3 and pin the zip to one of the long edges. The right side of the zip (the teeth) should face the right side of your fabric (the one with the pattern) like the the picture.

2014-11-24 15.28.42

If your zip is too long thats fine just place it central as shown. Sew the zip to the fabric using your standard machine foot.

2014-11-24 15.32.55


Fold the fabric and the zip over 6cm so that the wrong sides of the fabric are facing

2014-11-24 15.37.13

Now sew along the zip using a zipper foot.

2014-11-24 15.42.05

This is what it should look like from the right side….fingers crossed 🙂

2014-11-24 15.43.16


This part needs a bit of thinking about….

Place the fabric on the table with the pattern facing the table and the zip at the bottom. Lift the zip and turn the edge upand match the long edge of piece 2 and pin. The picture probably helps more !!!

2014-11-24 15.44.54

This is what it should look like when you’ve finished pinning.

2014-11-24 15.46.31


Unzip the zip

2014-11-24 15.46.55

Now sew using the standard foot. You can then remove the pins.

2014-11-24 15.48.02

Followed by the zipper foot.

2014-11-24 15.50.10

Look at what you’ve done….looks great 😉

2014-11-24 15.51.43 2014-11-24 15.52.00


Nearly there.

Place piece 1 on top and pin together right sides of the fabric facing each other. At this point ensure the zip is pulled into the middle.

2014-11-24 15.54.15


Sew all the way around even over the zip. Trim the corners and edge.

2014-11-24 16.00.28

Turn the right way around and Voila……..a gorgeous cushion cover for next to nothing xxx

2014-11-24 16.01.48 2014-11-24 16.01.54 2014-11-24 16.03.10


Hope you use this peeps- Let me see the results if you do.

Donna xx


  1. Karen Rowe
    January 10, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    Spent an enjoyable few hours turning childrens curtains into these cushion covers this week.

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