Easy Peasy Girl’s Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Donna King

Easy Peasy Girl’s Skirt

The finished length of this skirt is 40cm- Adjust the fabric length if needed. It will fit a waist 18in to 28in for measurement outside this range double the waist size for the width of fabric required.

In addition to a sewing machine and thread

you will need:

½ m of cotton fabric 45in wide.

1m of 1 inch elastic

Safety pin


  1. Ensure your fabric is cut straight.
  2. Pin the selvage edges (short edges) together with the right side of the fabric facing each other. Stitch this edge just past the selvage edge, 2cm. Press the seam open.

  1. On the top and bottom edges press 5cm over to the wrong side of the fabric. Then tuck under 2cm (leaving 3cm) press and pin. This will be for the hem and waistband.

  1. Decide which edge is the waist band and stitch with a longer stitch length (3.5-4) close to the ‘tucked’ edge, leave a gap of approximately 5cm to thread the elastic through.
  2. Repeat step 4 on the hem edge but do not leave any gaps.
  3. Attach the safety pin to the elastic and thread it through the waistband- Take care that it doesn’t twist.
  4. If you know the child’s waist measurement taken off 1.5 inches and pull the elastic until it’s the correct measurement. Stitch the elastic together, cut off the excess and allow it to disappear intothe waistband.
  5. Stitch the gap together.

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