Free Bear Rice Bag Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Donna King

Free Bear Rice Bag Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

You Will Need:
FQ of Fabric
2 eyes (or sew them on. If not please test that they can withstand the heat in the microwave!)
500g dry Rice
Sewing machine
Hand sewing needle
Bear Template

How to do it:

  1. Place your fabric right side together (pretty sides facing each other) and draw around the template. Note that you leave a gap as indicated at the belly. Pin the fabric together inside the template line as shown.

  2. Sew along the lines…its easy if you make sure the line goes in the middle of your machine foot as shown. You will need to go steady to get around some of these curves so take you time. REMEMBER to leave the gap!!

  3. Cut around your bear using pinking shears to help the fabric curve. Look how close I am to the stitching, this is important but be careful not to cut through! also leave  bit of extra fabric at the opening to help with the closing later.

  4. If you have bought some plastic or glass eyes you will need to make a small hole at the eye positions noted on the template.

  5. Turn your bear the right way round using a knitting needle or pen to help push all the corners and curves out.

  6. Attach the eyes. If you have decided to stitch these do it now.

  7. Fill with the rice. This is tricky so be patient and fit it all in.

  8. Pin the gap together as shown and hand stitch the gap closed. Note that the stitches need to be small and close to stop the rice escaping.

  9. Tah Dah you have your very own Rice Bear! Now to heat it up……place in the microwave for up to 2 minutes.

This Bear is great for aches and pains but also lovely and comforting on a cold evening.

Hope you enjoyed this one peeps our kids holiday class did!

Let me know how your’s turn out.

Donna x

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