Halloween Mummy Cushion Sewing Tutorial

Donna King

Halloween Mummy Cushion Sewing Tutorial

I love Halloween and even more so little handmade spooky touches for your home. I hope you like this one.

You Will Need:

White cotton fabric cut as follows 36cm x 36cm, 36cm x 20cm and 36cm x 28cm

Black fabric or felt cut as floors 15cm x 8cm and 23cm x 10cm

Felt scraps for eyes and eye template.

14in Zip

14in x 14in cushion insert

Zipper Foot

What to do

  1. Using a small zig zag stitch attach the eyes to the black fabric that measures 23cm x 10cm.
  2. Stitch the this to the large piece of white fabric that measures 36cm x 36cm. It should be central and 8cm down from the top.
  3. Stitch the other black piece of fabric to the same 36cm x 36cm piece of white fabric but this should be 5cm from the bottom and central.
  4. Cut strips of bandage and arrange across the the “Mummy’s Face” until you are happy with the look then pin in place. Stitch around the edge at a 10mm seam allowance, then stitch where necessary across the face in order to keep them in place.


5.      Now following the Cushion Tutorial from step 4. Note that piece 3 is the 36cm x 28cm and piece 2 is 36cm x 20cm.

Can’t wait to see you finished project xx

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