How to make new PJ bottoms from old ones

Donna King

We all have a favourite pair of PJ’s don’t we?

Well I do but they’re not looking their best :(. Time for some new ones I think.

This is a bit of a long blog as I will go through all stages of pattern drafting and construction so I’m not apologising!!

You will need:

Old Comfy PJ bottoms

Paper- I have used wallpaper lining but you could use grease proof or baking paper

Pen or pencil


Tape Measure

3m fabric

1m 1in elastic

1.5m lace


PART 1- Drafting the pattern

Step 1

Place one leg of your PJ’s onto the paper.

2014-12-02 08.55.04

You are only focusing on the piece of fabric between the seams so carefully pin this to the paper.

2014-12-02 08.55.12

Carefully pin around the crotch to ensure an accurate pattern.

Step 2

Once pinned draw around the edges. Take note of the following pic.

2014-12-02 08.57.13

The fabric is drawn in at the waist by the elastic and so I drew a straight line to the waist band t this point.

2014-12-02 08.58.35

The waist band is lower at the front than the back and so I drew both.

2014-12-02 08.59.13

Step 3

Cut out the pattern piece (note that I have two pattern pieces due the waist band so cut out the largest first).

Now we need to think about seam allowances :/ I find it easier to write these onto the pattern piece. Add 1.5cm to all apart from the hem and waistbands as these are 6cm.

2014-12-02 09.05.06

PART 2- Construction

Step 1

Fold your fabric in half and pin your pattern piece to it. Using a tape measure and tailor chalk (or soap!!) mark on the seam allowance ready to cut.

2014-12-02 09.34.58

Seam allowance marked on the fabric- 1.5cm to all but the waist and hem which is 6cm.

Once cut out, if like mine you have a dropped waist re cut the pattern piece along this line and repeat the step above.

2014-12-02 09.38.07

If you don’t have this then cut another two of the same pattern.

You should now have 4 pattern pieces ready to sew!

2014-12-02 09.43.52

Step 2

Take one back and one front piece and with right sides of the fabric facing sew each side of the leg. Repeat with the other two. Iron all the seams open.

2014-12-02 11.27.51

Step 3

Turn one leg the right way around and feed inside the other leg, the right sides of the fabric should be facing.

Match the seams and sew in one long line from the waistband to waistband.

2014-12-02 11.28.35 2014-12-02 11.30.20

They should now look like PJ’s!!!

2014-12-02 11.39.38

Step 3

Finish the seams with pinking shears to stop them fraying.

2014-12-02 17.50.31

Step 4

Now to finish the hems.

With the PJ’s inside out turn 6cm of the leg up and iron. Then fold under 2 cm, pin and iron.

2014-12-02 17.52.17

Fold over 6cm

2014-12-08 15.16.04

Then tuck 2cm under to hide the raw edge

Now sew around the bottom with a seam allowance of 3.5cm.

2014-12-08 15.20.12

Step 5

Nearly done!

Take your lace and fold in half- Match the folded point to the back seam of the PJ’s and pin it 6cm from the top of the fabric.

2014-12-08 15.22.28

Pin the lace 6cm below the top all the way around the waist until 4cm from the centre seam at the front and sew both at the top and bottom.

2014-12-08 15.24.43

2014-12-08 15.25.17

Step 6

As with the hems turn over 6cm and iron, them tuck under 2 cm, pin and iron.

Sew around the waist with a 3cm seam allowance leaving a gap of 5cm.

2014-12-08 15.36.31

Step 7

Use this gap to thread through the elastic using a safety pin. Once you are happy that the elastic is comfortable around your waist sew the ends together and let it disappear into the waistband. Now you can sew up the gap and YOU’RE DONE PHEW!

2014-12-08 15.43.06

You don’t have to use the lace as it adds a bit of time but I think it’s worth it.

2014-12-08 15.47.24

2014-12-08 15.47.37

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