Pumpkin Knot Bag a must sew for Halloween

Donna King

To make this gorgeous Halloween Pumpkin Bag


BOO! I’m in love with this pumpkin bag project

You will need:

½ meter of orange fabric FQ green fabric
Scrap of black felt Thread
Templates: Pumpkin Bag Pumpkin Face

SEAM ALLOWANCE ¼ inch…..Use the side of the machine foot as a guide.

1. Cut out the two paper templates, you will need tape the bag together- match the edge of the paper to the match dotted line indicated. Cut your fabric, you will need 4 green stalks and 4 orange pumpkins.

2. Attach the stalk pieces to the pumpkins as indicated. NOTE you will need mirror images.


Mirrored pattern pieces

3. Choose your pumpkin face, cut from black felt and position onto one of the bag sides. Attach using a zigzag stitch.


I went for cute but a scary pumpkin faces looks great too….you choose.

4. Pin two pieces together, right sides facing. Repeat with the other pieces. Using 1/4-inch seam allowance (use the side of the foot s a guide), sew along the top of each handle and along the bottom curve of each pinned piece between the lines indicated on the pattern.


It’s important that you sew the bottom of your Pumpkin bag between the two lines noted on the template!!!

5. Fold in the raw edges of all the outside edges of the open handles and press.


This helps with the final step of the project so DON’T skip lovelies. Also remember to do it on a 4 handles.

6. Turn one right side out, and insert the other it to it. Check that the right sides of the bags are facing each other. Line up seams, raw edges, and handles.
Pin the inside edges of the bag together and sew with a 1/4-inch seam.

Use pinking shears to notch the seam allowance.

14518545_10211181271231713_501701174_n 14470922_10211181271351716_133679623_n

7. Turn the entire bag right side out (pumpkin face on the outside). Press all seams.


Photo is before the lining is tucked inside and pressed.

8. Topstitch the handles where open, this can be difficult so take your time. If you really struggle hand stitch. Finally, topstitch the top of the bag to finish.


Ready for the hard bit?? Just take your time especially in the smaller handle…sew maybe 1/2 an inch and manoeuvre your fabric before continuing.


Why not try a cat…..just use black fabric and bright green eyes!

I’d LOVE to see your projects…please share here: https://www.facebook.com/FrillandFlounce/

This Tutorial was based on the one found here: Reversible Bag

Happy SEWING people

Donna xxx

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