Sewing helps Body, Mind & Soul

Donna King

This is Sam’s story..

I never thought I had any creativity, I always was more academic, until I joined Donna’s sewing class two years ago with my daughter. You see I’m chronically sick, I suffer with Fibromyalgia/M.E, Glaucoma and I’m partially sighted. I won’t bore you with the rest….. I had never been on a sewing machine, not even in school. My mum was a brilliant sewer, knitter etc but I never gave it a second thought when I was younger. So I knew going into Donna’s class I was giving my self a huge challenge. I cottoned on (no pun intended) to it fairly well. Slowly but surly gaining confidence and making clothes for my granddaughter. What I did notice over time was the way my pain eased off when I sewed. It seemed to take the pain away somewhat when I had something else to concentrate on. So sometimes I’m sewing in the middle of the night to ease the pain I’m in when I can’t sleep. Donna is a fantastic teacher, she is very laid back and she always gives you the confidence to think yeah I can try that it might not be great but at least I’ve tried it. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I can’t sew if my hands are painful or my sight is more out of focus than what it usually is but on the days I can and I finish off a project it gives me a huge lift. I don’t feel nervous anymore about going to sewing at first I was I didn’t want anyone thinking I was dense due to high pain meds and brain fog. But Donna’s teaching and all the lovely ladies who go there put me at ease very quickly. This sewing class is my only outlet I don’t go out anywhere else so if anyone is out there with similar illnesses/disabilities and stuck in the house 24/7 give it a go. You will be surprised. You stop feeling worthless and your mood lifts a lot and that to me is why I carry on going…. plus I look on Donna as not just a teacher but a very good friend as well.


Firstly I’d like to thanks to Sam for such a frank and honest account of her illness and I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to help. Secondly I’d like to add that I consider her to be a true friend too xxxx

One of Sam’s gorgeous creations x

Blooming perfectx

Sam’s Beautiful Grand Daughter in one of Sam’s creations x

Over the years I’ve seen first hand the hidden benefits of creativity on mental health and wellbeing although I never imagined how it would help with chronic pain!

I’m so passionate about this that I’ve set up a Social Enterprise Rejuver Nation  to try tackle the issues we are all facing in modern life.

They’re are so many groups out there that are susceptible to poor Mental Health & Wellbeing

Long term ill

People with a disability

New parents

Those living in poverty


High achievers

Recently retired and/or isolated

I think we all know someone who would benefit from this but need a bit of a push…..if they could just make the first step and join us for a cuppa I’m sure they would find the friendly welcoming atmosphere is enough to have them coming back.

We have sessions set up for people to come along and help up-cycle furniture to sell…these are open to everyone who needs a bit of me time or would just like to help the cause. If you’re not into the practical side then we are desperate for people who could help us sell the products we make and get our message out into the community so any and all help would be appreciated.

Please pop over to the Page Rejuver Nation and show your support by SHARING and getting the message out there.


Thanks Lovlies

Donna x

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