Simple to Sew Shopping Bag Tutorial

Donna King

Shopping Bag Tutorial

Today is a Snow day so me and Florence are house bound until further notice so we’ve had to find something to do……

I’m always using super market shopping bags to transport the projects I’m working on so I’ve decided to make one so that I can avoid using more plastic.

Florence has been very helpful…NOT


You will need:

1m x 56cm fabric (please note if you can view the fabric inside down then you will need to use two pieces 51.5cm x 56cm joining them across the bottom.

4.5m webbing



1.  Cut 3m of the webbing and sew together forming a loop. Be careful to avoid it twisting. Once connected fold back the seams as shown and stitch in place.

2.  Lay the fabric out right side facing up and pin the webbing in place as soon. Pin 16cm from the edges and ensure the handles are equal size. Leaving 6cm at each end before the handles and stitch along each side of the webbing.

3.  Fold in half with the wrong sides of the fabric facing each other to form the bag. We’re going to use a french seam to stitch each side seam using a 1cm seam allowance. Turn the bag inside out and press the seams you have just sewn and pin. Stitch these seams again using a 2cm seam allowance.

4.  Pin the remaining webbing on the right side of the bag matching it to the top edge of the bag. Start with the webbing folded over as shown and finish with an overlap. Then stitch with a 6mm seam, use the edge of the machine foot as a guide.

5.  Press the webbing up and then fold to the inside. Stitch close the bottom of the webbing.

6.  Finish the handles by stitching in place as shown.

7.  To form the box corners make a template by measuring 15cm down each straight edge from the corner on an A4 piece of paper. and cut.

8.  Iron the bottom corners of the bag as shown, the seam should be central, then using the template make the line to stitch and stitch.

Tah Dah you’re all done.

I hope you found the instructions easy to follow, if not please feedback so that I can improve them.

Happy Sewing Peeps xx

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